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Layers of places and time

About my photographic work

In my photographic work, I interpret, translate, abstract and re-imagine what I see and feel by using intentional camera movement (yes, I like to give my camera a shake – it's called ICM) and multiple exposure (ME) techniques.

Multiple exposure means that several images are layered and blended into one image using different apps and techniques, both in camera ('in the field') and in post-processing. I often use the camera of my iPhone for my work, because I just love all the creative options it offers (I could experiment forever!) and because it allows me to react immediately and intuitively to a certain situation and to get creative almost everywhere.

My images are mostly informed and inspired by nature. I'm a wanderer and love roaming the countryside, getting to know places over time and observing the constant change in everything. Often they don’t seem to be particularly beautiful places at first sight, but taking pictures of them and abstracting them helps me to discover their beauty beyond the obvious, their charm and hidden treasures as well as their energy and stories. It also helps me to learn a bit more about my own stories and to be more mindful – more attentive to what is and more aware of the here and now. It’s quite a meditative process really.


Want one of my images for your wall? I'd be thrilled! Planning to build a little online print shop some time in the future so you can buy my work more easily. Until then, please drop me a line to enquire about prints for any of my images you may have seen here or elsewhere. There are more details about prices and stuff on my prints page.

Mindful moments workshops

How to be more creative with your iPhone

I'll be offering bespoke 1-to-1 or small group workshops group for creative iPhone photography from November 2018 on. If you'd like to learn how I make my images, including both the technical aspects and my approach to photography, I'd love to hear from you. More info on that later.



  • Connected 2017 & 2018:
    The images below are the ones from the 2016 exhibition. They are iPhone images from my Denmark 2015 series.


  • Art Narratives (12/2016):
    These are the four images I shared on Art Narratives, an online platform for photographic art, along with their story and some background info about my work.